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Kubota Series generators  Kubota, one of the world's top-class manufacturers of compact diesel engines, is also famous for being the first manufacturer to pass the U.S. CARB ULGE* emission regulations for engines under 19 kW (25 HP). What makes Kubota different? "High Performance," "Energy Efficient," that remain unchanged ever since Kubota started engine production in 1922. Today at its Engine Division, Kubota is not just interested in manufacturing a high power density engine, but is seriously pursuing ways to develop an engine that is environmental friendly.  
Kubota Series Generator
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Kubota Series K16KW 16KW- 20kVA Engine Model:V2203-E2BG Alternator Model: BCI184E    
Kubota Series K20KW 20KW- 25kVA Engine Model:V2003-T-E2BG Alternator Model: BCI184F    
Kubota Series K24KW 24KW- 30kVA Engine Model:V3300-E2BG2 Alternator Model: BCI184G    
K8kW K10kW
Kubota Series 10KW 10KW- 12.5kVA Engine Model:V1505-E3BG Alternator Model: BCI164C    
Kubota Series K12KW 12KW- 15kVA Engine Model:D1703-E2B Alternator Model: BCI164D    
Back K30kW
Kubota Series K30KW 30KW- 37.5kVA Engine Model:V3300-T-E2BG2 Alternator Model: BCI184H    
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