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Ricardo Diesel Generators Ricardo engines our build with a technical agreement with British company, Ricardo PLC, to develop Ricardo series diesel engine with on going development and production in China We at Cowpower Generators have found Ricardo diesel engines to be of good quality,being reliable,easy to start and outstanding value for most applications available power range 15Kw to 150Kw.  
Ricardo Series Generator
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Ricardo Series R40KW 40KW- 50kVA Engine Model:R4105ZD Alternator Model: TFW-40    
Ricardo Series R100KW 100KW- 125kVA Engine Model:R6105IZLD Alternator Model: UC1274E    
Ricardo Series R120KW 120KW- 150kVA Engine Model:R6105IZLD Alternator Model: UC1274F    
R15kW R20kW
Ricardo Series R20KW 20KW- 25kVA Engine Model:R495D Alternator Model: BCI184F    
Ricardo Series R30KW 30KW- 37.5kVA Engine Model:R4100ZD Alternator Model: BCI184H    
Back R150kW
Ricardo Series R150KW 150KW- 187.5kVA Engine Model:R6113AZLD Alternator Model: UC1274H    
R50kW R64kW
Ricardo Series R64KW 64KW- 80kVA Engine Model:R6105ZD Alternator Model: UC1224G    
Ricardo Series R80KW 80KW- 100kVA Engine Model:R6105AZLD Alternator Model: UC1274C    
Cowpower Generators Ltd Ricardo series