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DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS DSE702 The DSE702 is a Manual or Auto Start Control Module that offers an excellent range of engine monitoring and protection features. The module has been designed to monitor low oil pressure, high engine temperature, over speed and a user defined auxiliary input. It also has the capability to monitor battery charging by utilizing the WL terminal on the charge alternator. When the module detects a fault condition it automatically shuts down the engine. The Generator Control module also includes a tamper proof engine hours counter and a remote start signal input. The input allows the module to be started from a pre-defined remote location. Main Features Manual start Engine pre-heat Engine monitoring and protection features Protected solid state (PSS) outputs Front panel mounting Tamper proof engine hours counter Remote start  LED indicators   Benefits Hours counter provides accurate information for monitoring maintenance and warranty periods Multiple engine parameters are monitored simultaneously   Operation Manual Mode: The module is started using the on-board key/buttons the user turns the key to the hand position the engine pre-heat button is then pressed for the required time the start button is then pressed to start the engine to stop the engine the key needs to be turned to the off position Automatic Mode: The key needs to be permanently left in the hand position the module is powered up by the remote start signal the pre-heat function is automatically carried out and then the engine is started to stop the engine the remote switch is turned to the ‘off’ position