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DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS DSE5110 The DSE5110 is an Automatic Mains Failure Control Module has ability to monitor a mains (utility) supply, upon detection of a mains (utility) failure. The module automatically starts the generating set. Once the mains power has been restored it, instructs the generating set to stop. Dedicated outputs are provided for the control of both the mains (utility) and generator switching devices. This feature combined with the inbuilt incoming mains (utility) supply sensing, removes the requirement for expensive external devices. Main Features * Automatic start & Automatic stop * Automatic mains (utility) failure * Configurable inputs * Configurable outputs * Configurable alarms & timers * Digital inputs * Analogue inputs * Back-lit character LCD display * Engine protection * Front panel mounting * PC configurable * Front panel programming * LCD alarm indication * LED alarm indication * Icon based fault diagnostics       *    In-built engine diagnostics removes the requirement for service equipment * Module helps to improve the life cycle of engine starter motors * On-site and remote module configuration        *    User-friendly set-up and button layout